NEIGHBORHOOPZ Challenge is also a fundraising platform. Everybody can create Fundraising Challenges on public basketball courts around the World. You can also join The ongoing challenges by adding your local basketball court at NEIGHBORHOOPZ Global Courts Map. 

I created the NEIGHBORHOOPZ Challenge to raise funds for non-profit action against gun violence and its effects on our communities.

The journey takes me on the trail to complete the NEIGHBORHOOPZ Challenge, scoring hoopz on the public Basketball Courts in NYC. The NYC HOOPZ Trail includes some of the most iconic NYC courts like Rucker, West 4th, and Dyckman. I pledged to donate a dollar for every point I score.

You can join me on your local court or check-in and beat my high score on NYC courts and support my cause,

or YOU can create your own fundraising challenge.

Contact me to learn more or go to the FAQ page if you need more answers.

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Shots made from various zones on the court or "hot spots" are worth different point values. Choose from any zone to score as many points as you can in 60 seconds.

  • 3 points from the baseline (either side of the key)

  • 4 points from the elbow (either side)

  • 5 points at the top of the 3-point arc

You are allowed to attempt a maximum of two layups per game, and each made layup is worth 2 points.

Making shots in all five zones gives you bonus points at the end of your gameplay. Combo bonus is worth 5pts each time you make shots from all five hot spots.