I never considered basketball as a game, but if it is a game - basketball is The Game of Life. Basketball philosophy is so similar to life - the principles of simplicity, equality, personal capability, creativity, and freedom are the principles by which an honorable life is well-lived. The concept of perpetual change and evolution deeply rooted in basketball provides the capability to change society as a whole, accepting to embrace basketball as a way of life and thinking. I firmly believe that basketball can be an agent of significant social impact through individual accomplishment and progress. NEIGHBORHOOPZ is a global fundraising platform where basketball players, fans, and enthusiasts can connect, enjoy, compete and worship the game while funding ideas and bringing communities together.

Basketball is a tread that my life hangs on. My relationship with basketball has been a true love story. Like every true love story, it has been a complicated but meaningful relationship that provided me comfort, passion, and hope.  Basketball has been an inspiration, a sanctuary, and a way for self-expression. I found my peace at the basketball court every time I felt depressed, sad, or overwhelmed by the difficulties of everyday life. Even though I used to play and coach professionally, I appreciate the game played on the streets. The passion and honesty of every pick-up game on every playground in every neighborhood are where the elementary principles of the game are at work. Self-Expression, simplicity, cooperation, constant progress, hope, and balance are the principles that I learned through basketball and built my life philosophy around.
NEIGHBORHOOPZ is my idea of paying respect to the game, exploring societal topics through the prism of basketball, sharing my philosophy, and ideally engaging others to join me and tell their love story with basketball. This project is dedicated to my late mom Andrijana and my father, Miha. Basketball helped my father to recover from a severe head injury and memory loss in 2012.

Long talks about basketball that enabled him to regain his memory. Four years after the accident, I surprised my father with tickets for a Euroleague game between Barcelona and Panathinaikos.  

After the game, we visited FB Barcelona training camp to meet Juan Carlos Navarro - FC Barcelona captain and one of the best European basketball players of all time. 
He was in his last year as a player in Barcelona. He said: Looking at my last season as a player, I often wonder about the future of basketball as more than just a game.

Do you also have in mind some thoughts about basketball addressing the wider community?
Five years after that life-changing moment, NEIGHBORHOOPZ is m answer to Juan's question.

In the era of social media and digitalization NBA has a global reach and promotes basketball culture through tweets, gifs, and digital collectibles.  NEIGHBORHOOPZ is a little bit different and celebrates a more quiet and subtle basketball culture.

 NEIGHBORHOOPZ is a humble effort to provide common ground to unsung basketball enthusiasts.

NEIGHBORHOOPZ is the place for guys and girls who find solace in the dusty grey concrete block to bounce the orange sun and find peace at the red halo at ten feet high. 

my TEAM- my family
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Vlatko Atanasoski - Founder


Born in Skopje, Macedonia. Playing pick-up games and shooting the ball on every basketball court I come around. 



One of the national elite players in 70`s. He is an inspiration and he is in charge of creative work. Self-taught aquarellist and deep thinker.



My sister is in charge of the office and social media. She is the one replying to emails and writing social posts.